4D Prize Structure [Types Of  4D Prizes]

Singapore Pool 4D lottery Is a very famous game, especially in Singapore. A lot of people play this game regularly. People are very excited and crazy about 4D because it’s not only a game; it will help you to make your dreams come true and make you a millionaire. 

The 4D lottery is great if you have less investment but want to become rich overnight. It will give you hope and happiness at a very low investment with a great reward. 

When you start anything, you should know its rules and structure to play the game wisely. So before investing in Singapore Pool 4D, understand its structure. It will help you to win your game easily. In this post, you can learn 4d Prize Structure because this is the most important thing before you invest in 4d. 

Types Of 4D Prizes

The structure of 4D prizes is very interesting and easy to understand. There are five types of 4D prizes. 

  • 1st prize
  • 2nd prize
  • 3rd prize
  • Consolation prize
  • Starter prize

Although consolation and starter prizes are smaller, they only encourage ticket buyers. Tickets buyers often appreciate consolation and start rewards even though they are different in size from the first three prizes. Because No matter what reward you receive, having the opportunity to win is always a pleasant experience.

How The First Three Winning Numbers Of 4D Are Decided?

In order to determine the winning number, the ticket buyer’s probability of guessing it correctly is taken into consideration. A fixed value is assigned to each pool.

After guessing the correct number, match the digit on your lottery ticket; if all the digits are the same on your ticket, you will be the first winner. And you will get a 3% award of the entire lottery pool. 

For the 2nd or 3rd price, you can claim 13% of the pool’s value.

Singapore pools’ 4D prize structure also includes a good range of consolation and start prizes, which vary from pool to pool. This game can make you rich overnight if you play it

4D Prize Structure Table

To win a 4D prize, you must bet on 23 winning 4D numbers. There are different categories in 4D, which means the winning prize amount varies from one category to the next. Depending on the category of your bet, you will receive the amount. 

For every $1 bet, here is the 4D Prize Structure Table that will help you calculate the prize amount.

Table Of 4D ibet Prize Calculator( 4D ibet Winning Prize Money)

Prize Amounts For Ordinary Entry &  4D Roll Or System Entry

4d Prize Structure

Prize Amounts For iBet (Every $1 on a Big bet)

Prize Amounts For iBet (Every $1 on a Big bet)

Prize Amounts For iBet (Every $1 on a Small bet)

Prize Amounts For iBet (Every $1 on a small bet)

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